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A.I. for Fintech/Robotics


Zürich, EWZ Selnau

Frederik Brantner (CEO & Co-Founder) wird dort als Referent einen Vortrag halten.

The idea: AI is not just “tech for tech”. From deep learning to natural language processing, in the financial sector, costs are being lowered and returns increased by opening up new data sets to faster analysis. AI is still in the very early stages but as the technology is democratized a wave of innovation will follow. AI has also made significant strides on its impact on Robotics. We can now create robots and intelligent systems with the intelligence to autonomously navigate challenging environments, e.g. robot concepts that are best adapted for acting on the ground, in the air and in the water

Please join our industry leading panel of CEOs and selected investors to discuss how significant strides in machine learning and the rise of AI in Robotics is creating new winners in the industry.

The afternoon will be followed by an original dining experience and the opportunity to network with the family offices, private investors and corporations.

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